To Pre order or Not to Pre order?


With the excitement of new product and wanting to be the first to get it, many people choose to pre order. What this means is they pay up front to be put on a list to get the product once the product is sent to the on line shop. While this can be great if there is enough product sent to support the pre orders, but not so great if they run out before they get to your “pre order.”

This became evident with much of the new product released at Creativation.  The new Tim Holtz Distress Oxides had such a high demand, many people were left “in holding” awaiting new shipments.  Many people became frustrated as the shops they pre ordered from ran out of the product while other shops now had it in stock.  I unfortunately was one of those people.  I ordered the full set in February and just recently got my notification of shipment. I considered canceling my order and purchasing from shops that had the product available now, but instead ended up just waiting it out. Part of me wanted to see how long it would really take…

Now with the recent news of the delayed release of the Tim Holtz Stamping platform, many are once again playing the waiting game. But this time it is a bit different.  The delay is not due to demand, as all stores will be experiencing the delay. It has to do with the recent news of My Sweet Petunia’s awaited patent on the MISTI which was just issued.  Many manufacturers copied the design of the MISTI and gambled that the patent would not come through.  According to My Sweet Petunia, “two companies accepted the MISTI design as unique” and withdrew their product from the market.

What follows is the letter from Tonic regarding the referenced issue:

Dear Valued Customer,

Tonic is very excited to launch the new Tim Holtz Stamping platform, however we need to inform you of a delay in the launch of this product.  As you may be aware My Sweet Petunia (MSP) have been granted a patent on their Misti Stamping Platform.

While we do not consider our Tim Holtz Tonic Studios Stamp Platform to be an infringement of this patent and its claims, we do not want to expose our customers to any legal action from MSP in the event that they sell our product.  The ongoing protection and sustainability of the Tonic brand and our products are paramount to our ongoing relationship with all our retail partners.  

Our attorneys are working on this case and we expect to have a resolution within the next 4 weeks.  We apologize for this inconvenience but we fully expect to be able to ship to you within the next 6 – 8 weeks.

We will be giving updates as we work with all parties to resolve this matter and hope to give you more information soon.

We appreciate your understand and patience in this matter.

Kind regards,

Tonic Studios USA

The invention of the MISTI is an amazing story! If you have not heard it, you can hear it over on the So Suzy Podcast entitled: MIHM-Iliana Myska from My Sweet Petunia . I personally love the MISTI and have the regular size as well as the mini.  I plan on ordering the newest product, Creative Corners from My Sweet Petunia as they are currently on sale, along with everything in her shop today through the Sunday April 16th, 2017. also has the original, mini and Memory MISTI on sale.

I had no intentions of purchasing the Tim Holtz Stamping platform as the MISTI’s worked great, but was sent one from the manufacturer because I do use many of the products in the Tim Holtz line.  I did a video to introduce the Stamping platform which you can see here. The version I have is a 1708e. Tonic has indicated that they plan to release 1707e in place of the original model. They have not said what the differences in the two models will be. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


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