Why join a Facebook Group?


Traditionally, a blog was a place to share your creation and crafty projects. Many crafters created blogs to not only showcase their projects, but also provide information on how those projects were created.  You could subscribe to their blog and when a new post was created, you would be notified or you would check your subscription feed.

While this is a great landing page, it is not as interactive as Facebook and you don’t even need to be at your computer anymore! You can easily tie your facebook page to your smart phone which most of us carry all the time!

While there are many crafting groups out there it is sometimes hard to know what groups to join. While members are called facebook “friends”, the people in these groups are still strangers, not “real friends” right?  Well that may be the case for most groups, but not for a group I have been fortunate enough to be a part of, Stamp Junkies! From the moment you join this group you are welcome with open arms. The Admins are friendly and keep the group drama free.

Most groups have rules, or guidelines that the admins wish you to follow. These guidelines help members to understand what types of posts are acceptable and help control the theme of the group. Groups like Stamp Junkies don’t allow selling or destashing on their page, but freely provide or allow members to post alternative pages that do.  They not only support and promote their own group, but their members as well. It is more than a group, it is a community!

Stamp Junkies  recently celebrated their two year birthday! They have become a community for beginner stampers as well as seasoned ones. A community where you can interact with shop owners such as Gina K from Gina K Designs or Effie C from The Ton.  It is a place to learn and share freely without fear of negativity! So if you are a member of this group, get involved, share your projects and make a friend! And if you are not a member, what are you waiting for?


Have you joined the Craft Room Daily Deals facebook group yet? Don’t forget to check it out to find your next crafty deal.

4 thoughts on “Why join a Facebook Group?

  1. Thank you for this article and talking about Stamp Junkies. I know several people from the SSS Create joined. It is just the friendliest and most accommodating group I have ever belong to. It is just like a second home.


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