Joys of Handmade Greeting Cards

Have you ever received a handmade greeting card? Not electronically, but actually in the mail.  You walk out to your mailbox and see a handwritten envelope. The envelope may even be decorated and you know there is something special in it.

Knowing a small gesture can bring such joy to someone’s day, why do more people not send handmade cards? It means so much when someone takes the time to send you a card made by hand, in the mail. You know that someone has been thinking of you, perhaps even thanking you or wishing you well.  We all have busy lives and with the internet, it has become so easy to just post something on facebook, or send an e-card. But these are not tangible, they are not something you can put on your desk or dresser and enjoy for several days.  Some of these handmade greeting cards are even works of art that you can frame and enjoy for years to come.


There are so many styles of handmade cards. Some are very Clean and Simple, whereas others may have lots of mixed media and texture on them.  As a Card maker, I tend to go towards more of the Vintage inspired.  I love creating timeless treasures that people can enjoy.  Creating brings such joy to my life and I love to share it with the world.

Taylor’s Cards N Things  sells handmade items that are unique and one of a kind.  The greeting cards are not mass produced.  Some of the cards use vintage dictionary pages as seen above. These items are not digitally printed, but come from actual dictionaries found in used book stores.

With the holidays around the corner, gift giving will start to increase.  Handmade greeting cards are a gift in themselves as they are a work of art.  What better way to tell someone you care than with a one of a kind card picked out especially for them.  When the recipient opens that envelope and sees the work and detail that has gone into that card, they will know the special thought you put into selecting and sending that card.  It is not just a card out of a box that was sent to many.

Because handmade cards are more personal, we tend to keep them longer. We may have a special keepsake box where we collect special things.  Just think how wonderful it would be to look back through that box years later to find that special card!

Thanksgiving Turkey

So think about sending a handmade greeting card this holiday season. Yes it may take a little more planning and a little more searching for those perfect cards, but that is what makes them so special.  These creative and talented card makers take great care, detail and love into creating these cards, why not share some of the love this year with your family and friends.

You can find links to Taylor’s Cards N Things along with all my social media links over on my blog,


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